Senior Citizen Games

Ron Paul - A Model Senior Citizen

Republican Presidential canditate Ron Paul is a model senior citizen for a lot of reasons - he knows his history first-hand, can spot errant pop trends, has a well-developed sense of what's right and doesn't bow down to fickle pressures, just to name a few.

But what really makes Ron Paul a model senior is that fact that he plays his game (a pretty real game - the game out in Washington D.C.) with unrivalled passion, resourcefulness and dedication. And isn't that the ultimate description of a successful gamer?

Ron Paul Senior Citizen

Ron Paul's game is an important one. Instead of defeating cybernetic monsters, a full house, Sim-City tax hikes or EA's New England Patriots, Ron Paul is working to overcome adversity of a different sort: a nation in the midst of a very real, very serious slump. A slump so big the idea of killing 1,000,000 Arabs has become normal and the idea of printing money seems sensible. The outcome of winning this game is a happier and healthier nation, which is even more impressive than the standard gamer's goal of 5 or 10,000 points.

While playing the game of politics may not be for everyone (personally, I prefer rummy!), all of us can admire Dr. Paul's dedication to the game, his attention to playing fair, and (hopefully) the eventual reward for victory!

Games For Senior Citizens

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